June Begins Hurricane Season – BeReadyLI Helps Long Islanders Prepare

Long Island can be an extremely vulnerable region – it is susceptible to natural disasters ranging from blizzards to heatwaves to hurricanes. June marks the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which runs through November 30. Recognizing the importance of being prepared and staying safe, United Way of Long Island, 2-1-1 Long Island and PSEG Long Island created BeReadyLI.org, a comprehensive online resource aimed at helping residents prepare before, during and after disasters.  

BeReadyLI.org has worked to help tens of thousands of Long Islanders prepare before, during and after hurricanes, and other disasters, by encouraging families to take simple steps that help ensure their safety. BeReadyLI.org enhances access to Long Islanders with timely and accurate information to improve emergency readiness, as well as recovery resources including transportation updates, town and village contact information and government websites. 

“Long Island is no stranger to the devastating impact of hurricanes. Super Storm Sandy struck seven years ago and, today, we are still recovering and completing relief efforts,” said Theresa A. Regnante, President and CEO of United Way of Long Island. “Knowing that hurricanes have long-term impacts on the region, it is critical that we are prepared. BeReadyLI has all the information that Long Islanders need, in one place, so that they are ready and safe.” 

“When it comes to emergencies, big or small, PSEG Long Island urges all families to take the steps necessary to be ready to handle a situation at a moment’s notice,” added Daniel Eichhorn, President and COO, PSEG Long Island. “Especially during hurricanes, there are special precautions that need to be considered – particular health concerns, young children, or pets – that can all be found on BeReadyLI.org, including the BeReadyLI Children’s Workshop – a tremendous asset for parents and schools in learning how children can be prepared.” 

BeReadyLI encourages everyone to take the first step in protecting themselves. Take the Pledge to be Prepared, test your preparedness knowledge by taking the Quiz, and learn more on how you can prepare for an emergency – visit BeReadyLI.org or 211li.org

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