PSEG Long Island Is Ready for Approaching Rain, Snow and Wind

Employees work year-round to improve reliability during extreme weather

PSEG Long Island is closely monitoring and ready for the forecasted weather expected to affect our service territory over the next few days. Snow and rain are expected later tonight into tomorrow, and a strong storm system will impact the area this weekend. These effects will include strong, gusty winds, heavy rainfall and the chance for accumulating snow. PSEG Long Island is performing system checks on critical transmission and distribution equipment and logistics checks to ensure the availability of critical materials, fuel and other supplies.

“Providing reliable electric during extreme temperatures is a PSEG Long Island priority. We work throughout the year to prepare for extreme weather and to make sure the electric system is reliable,” said John O’Connell, vice president of Transmission & Distribution at PSEG Long Island. “We are continually trimming trees away from power lines, enhancing technology to detect outages and working on FEMA reliability projects across the service territory — all to ensure greater reliability and to help prevent outages during storms.”

A full complement of personnel will be on hand to deal with any outages caused by the severe weather. Contractors, including tree crews, will also be available to assist the utility’s own skilled workforce if necessary.

At PSEG Long Island, employee and customer safety is first and foremost. Remember, safety is always the only choice.

Be prepared and stay safe during extreme weather:

  • To report and receive status updates on an outage Text OUT to PSEGLI (773454) or to report an outage online visit
  • Follow PSEG Long Island on Facebook and Twitter to report an outage and to get updates before, during and after the storm
  • Downed wires should always be considered “live.” Do not approach or drive over a downed line and do not touch anything contacting the wire. To report a downed wire call PSEG Long Island’s 24-hour Electric Service number: 1-800-490-0075
  • Visit PSEG Long Island’s outage map to view outage information across Long Island and the Rockaways at
  • Make sure everyone in the family is prepared and knows what to do if there is an emergency. Visit to learn about safety tips from Sesame Street, YouTube safety videos and more.

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