Sudden Changes in the Weather – How to Manage

Lately, there have been some dramatic shifts in temperature. Some of this is caused by storms and fronts moving in, but also can be caused by atmospheric disturbances and humidity. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your home from these sudden temperature peaks and valleys.

Programmable Thermostats – There are plenty of affordable and user-friendly programmable thermostats that will not only help you save on your heating bills, but will also help regulate the temperature with greater ease while you’re out of the house. Many modern programmable thermostats have built-in app support so raising the temperature while you’re at your desk getting ready to come home during a cold day is a nice benefit.

Test That Furnace – Make sure the boiler starts and if any service is required, be sure to contact a reputable and thorough company to ensure your furnace remains functioning for the long winter months ahead. Contact your local Department of Social Services to learn about programs that can help low to moderate income households with heating bills.

Insulate Yourself – Have an ugly Christmas sweater hanging in your closet? How about the blanket that’s been in your linen closet for months? Now’s the time to bring them out if you’re hanging around the house. It’s important to be able to not only handle the cold but the heat, too.

Pay Attention – Monitor yourself closely in the midst of climate changes. A nagging cough, irritability, stress and fatigue are common symptoms associated with a weakened immune system. Bolster your body’s natural defenses using a natural vitamin supplement or through a healthy diet rich in vitamin C, D and B.

Try these simple, important steps with the weather in flux this fall and keep in mind that the winter season is upon us!


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